Introduction to the SBA Cybersecurity Course

Welcome to the SBA Cybersecurity Course!  This course is designed to provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to evaluate the cybersecurity risks facing your small business and to evaluate the steps you have taken (and may need to take) to counter those risks.  This course will not make you an expert in either cybersecurity or information technology; instead it will give you an introduction to the concepts, laws and regulations that underlie cybersecurity programs and explain some simple tools, techniques, and procedures (what cyber experts call TTPs) to use to more adequately secure your own business. 

This course is divided into two sets of five lessons each.  The first five lessons, which we refer to as Basic Cybersecurity, introduces basic cybersecurity concepts and simple things you should do to secure your business. Specific situations the next five lessons, called Intermediate Cybersecurity, expands on the fundamentals underlying cybersecurity that were introduced in the Basic lessons and discusses specific situations you may face, such as state cyber laws, data breach response and dealing with cybersecurity issues with your third-party vendors. 

Each course is followed by a short test to check your comprehension of the material. Good luck and have fun!

***All session times below are in Eastern Time***