Are all courses instructor led?

Yes, all courses are instructor led and last roughly an hour.

Who is eligible to take the Cybersecurity training courses?

All 7j firms are eligible to take this course.

Can I take the course if I am not eligible?

No. Only 7j firms can participate in the course.

After finishing the course, am I going to be compliant?

No. The course is to enable you an understanding of what Cybersecurity is and how to develop a Cybersecurity plan for your business.

After finishing the course, do I receive a certificate?

No. This course is informational and is not accredited in any way.

Can I get copies of the presentation slides?

We do not give out the slides as they are proprietary, however we do supply students with notes that contain information covered by the slides and presentation.

Are the sessions recorded and available to stream?

The sessions are not recorded and are only offered as Live classes.